Quality tailoring services can be hard to find. Unless you have worn a tailored suit, you may not realize how good it feels to wear something so completely made for you. When you want the best tailoring in West St Paul, MN, call on the services of PJ’s Alterations LLC. We offer professional tailoring for all kinds of clothes to help you look and feel your best. To find out how we may be able to help, just come on in and let us take a look.

Among the many services that we can provide, you may be able to find the following:
Suit Tailoring – A well tailored suit can make any person feel completely fresh and professional. Let us get your suit fitting perfectly for your body.
Jean Repair – We can hem jeans, resize jeans, and have the best staff in reshaping jeans. We know that finding the perfect pair of jeans sometimes takes a lot of time and work! Let us help you keep your favorite pair in great shape.
Wedding Gown Tailoring – When it comes time for your big day, you want to look gorgeous! With a tailored gown, you will look and feel beautiful and perfectly put together.

Though these are some of the most common requests, they are not the only services that we provide. We can also resize leather garments, resize coats, and even provide purse repairs to make your favorite handbags last. Tailoring takes a lot of skill and experience, and obviously a lot of very specific knowledge. Luckily, we have a staff of experienced, reliable, and professional individuals that can provide the very best tailoring service at the very best price in the area.

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