If you have never had your clothes altered before, then you may not really understand what a huge difference it makes in the way you look. Clothes that fit just perfectly can make all the difference in your outwardly appearance. It can take you from looking drab and frumpy to completely fabulous. When you need professional and high quality alterations in West St Paul, MN, get in contact with PJ’s Alterations LLC. today!

We do all sorts of alterations on all sorts of clothing to fit all of our clients’ needs. We can help customize clothing so that it looks like it was made just for you. Do you need wedding dress alterations? Bring your dress in and let us go to work making you look perfect on your big day. We can pull the dress in where it needs or let dress out if necessary. Do you have a pair of slacks that you would like to make last? We can take in pants to make them fit well or provide slacks waist adjustment to keep them fitting perfectly for continued use. We can provide the best clothing repair through our repair tailor, help you repurpose clothes to last longer, or alter clothes to your specific preference. When it comes to alterations, we do it all!

Along with top of the line services and a wide range of services rendered, we also have reliable and experienced seamstresses that always provide the highest quality work. We want you to look your best! More importantly, we want you to feel your best! With proper fitting clothing, you can feel good about your clothes as well as in your clothes. Let us help you with your alterations today!

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